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Evidence based audiology is

combining the most up to date evidence with patient input

Making an

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About Me

Doctor John Newall owns and operates a private practice providing clinical audiological services. John also lectures on the audiology program at Macqaurie University, convening courses on hearing aids, hearing rehabiliation, and public health.  

John holds a Bachelor of Psychology, a Master of Clinical Audiology, and PhD, is a full member of Audiology Australia and holds a Clinical Certificate of Practice. 

John previously worked as a research assistant at the National Acoustic Laboratories, and as a senior clinician at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. 

John is also a father of two lovely children, these two, and his very accomplished wife help to keep him grounded. 


Independent: we are not owned or linked to any manufacturer

No pressure: there will never be any pressure to "buy" 

Patient driven: My job is to educate you so that you can make an informed decision

Hearing Assessment and Rehabilitation

Hearing assessment

The cornerstone of hearing assessment is the use of pure tone audiometry. Soft sounds (tones) of various pitches are played to the patient through headphones. The patient responds with a button push to indicate that they have detected the tone. The aim of this test is to ascertain the softest sound the patient can hear (their hearing threshold)

Hearing implants

A variety of implantable solutions are available for those who fit candidacy criteria.


Some patients will benefit from implantable bone conduction devices which send the sound through vibration in skull to the inner ear. 


Referral for cochlear implantation can be made in those patients who fit candidacy criteria (usually, but not limited to, those with severe to profound hearing loss).

Communcation needs

Establishing a patients communication difficulties is an essential part of planning appropriate communication strategies so that a patients goals can be reached.  


Ringing or internal sounds in the ear can be disturbing, distracting, and in some cases extremely distressing. 

All to frequently people are told "nothing can be done" "learn to live with it". The truth is that although we often can not "cure" tinnitus, treatment programs with proven efficacy are available.

Hearing aids

A great number of hearing aids and technologies exist. A key part of an audiologists role is to assist the patient in understanding which device is most appropriate for their needs. 

As an independant audiologist, any brand of hearing aid can be prescribed. 

Hearing protection

We live in an increasingly noisy environmnet. Hearing can be damaged by prolonged exposure to noise.  

A range of noise prevention options can be prescribed to suit all cases. 

Musicians ear plugs are available in a range of comfortable performance levels. 

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