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Hearing device brands

Dawes, P., Newall, J., Graham, P., Osmond, C., Bonsdorff, M., & Eriksson, J.G. (2021) Early life influences on hearing in adulthood: A systematic review and two-step individual patient data meta-analysis.

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Geneva, Switzerland: ATscale


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Hearing aid or "band aid"? Evaluating large scale hearing aid donation programmes in the Philippines.
International journal of audiology
2019-10-01 | journal-article
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Auditory, cognitive, and linguistic processing skills in individuals with hearing loss
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
2018 | conference-abstract
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A Hearing Report from Australia.
Audiology Today, 29(5), 54-62
2017-09-01 | journal-article
ISSN: 1535-2609

The effect of noise on N400
Journal of Hearing Science
2017 | conference-abstract
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Measuring hearing handicap for hearing impaired adults in the Philippines: A profound conundrum
Speech, Language and Hearing
2016-07 | journal-article
DOI: 10.1080/2050571x.2016.1213008Part of ISSN: 2050-571X

Newborn Screening and Earlier Intervention with Deaf Children: Issues for the Developing World
The Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education
2012 | book
DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780195390032.013.0023EID: 2-s2.0-84923448187

Zai yi xie di qu kai zhan xin sheng er ting li pu bian shai cha de tiao zhan
Chinese scientific journal of hearing and speech rehabilitation
2008 | journal-article
SOURCE-WORK-ID: 1f5434cc-357b-4b01-8965-d0b7cdc60a6b


Radio Interview

2RPH's Ablequest radio station interviews John about Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Systems

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